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Who says you can’t have it all? At The Aesthetics Society, we have everything you need to amplify your beauty and wellness, from personalized skin rejuvenation and revolutionary laser treatments to age-defying injectables provided by our experienced staff. Best of all, our concierge service helps you get everything you want – in a single visit! We combine art with science to achieve results from the inside out. Save time and get your Botox Treatment, or reap the benefits of IV hydration therapy while having your relaxing facial treatments. The possibilities truly are endless.

Alecia Delaney Baker

Alecia Delaney Baker is the Founder of The Aesthetics Society and an Aesthetics Nurse Injector with over a decade of experience in this industry. Dr. Corbett Boone and Alecia had a vision over a decade ago they have yet again, combine forces to bring you the most exclusive setting for all your wellness and cosmetic needs. Alecia is a skilled artist of facial features and key beauty enhancements. With expertise in non-surgical facial cosmetic injections of the highest quality with a background in plastic surgery and total wellness. Areas of expertise include all injectable portfolios while combining art + science to equal your reality. Alecia has completed the requirements to reach Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialist and has attained proficiency in many combination laser treatments. Her desire to offer premium care at the highest level for patients fuels her passion for continuing education in the robust and ever-changing field of medical aesthetics. Achieving an Aesthetics license in 2005, Alecia immediately focused on establishing a career in Medical Aesthetics and is at the top of her profession and nationally recognized as an Advanced Injectable Trainer for multiple companies.
Ready to schedule your beauty treatment?
Ready to schedule your beauty treatment?

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