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Private 1-1 & Group Injectables Training

The Aesthetics Society offers high-quality, comprehensive aesthetic injectable courses for all levels of experience.

The Aesthetics Society was founded by Alecia Delaney Baker, APRN, FNP-C. Alecia is a skilled cosmetic injector who produces natural, transformative results. She is a national trainer who has educated hundreds of aesthetic medical providers. Her training includes both local and national training in addition to private training.

She also attends frequent industry conferences and continues education on safe and effective modalities. Alecia thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others and is building a team of educators who share the same passion.

The Aesthetics Society is dedicated to providing aesthetic providers the necessary tools, techniques, and skills in order to create natural, proportionate, and safe results for their patients.

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Offering trainings for medical professionals:


The clinical tests done with Daxxify delivered subtle results, and you should look just like yourself, only with fewer wrinkles.

Discuss cost and availability with your medspa provider. It has no published cost yet.

It is FDA-approved to treat frown lines and can be used off-label.

Daxxify is considered a skeletal muscle relaxant.

You only need to use Daxxify twice a year, and Daxxify works immediately.

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